Professional Development Days

Thursday 10th February 2022: 10am – 12pm

As we experience large societal and environmental changes, gut feel can no longer be trusted. Big and small decisions must be supported by sound data analysis. Join us for a fun and engaging hands-on workshop on Data Insights and Visualisations with Microsoft Power BI.

Hosted by Nat Van Gulck – Business Intelligence Specialist at Microsoft

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Friday 11th February 2022: 10am – 12pm

During this professional development workshop you will learn agile methodologies including Kanban, Scrum & SAFe. Find out how these are implemented at Naimuri and how you can use these methodologies to improve your business. We are looking to present a few slides on Agile coaching then complete some activities.

The session will bring to life Agile with coaching and activities which will provide you with practical steps to maximise and make your days more efficient.

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Friday 11th February 2022: 11am – 1pm

The Bentley team will share their approach to the design process and how they use 3D printing within the luxury automotive industry.

This session gives you the opportunity to try your hand at this exciting technology and whether you are experienced or a novice designer you be given the change to learn and develop skills to design a 3D model using Auto Cad.

The best design will then have their product 3D printed.

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Friday 11th February 2022: 1pm – 3pm

We can’t promise you’ll be the next Greta, but we can promise you will have fun, meet other wannabe Carbon Heroes and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Showcasing our sustainability toolkit we will show you how climate change is impacting business and how you and technology can make a change.

With each small change, we together can make a significant impact!

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Friday 11th February 2022: 2pm – 4pm

Gartner defines Digital Transformation as: “referring to anything from IT modernisation (for example, cloud computing), to digital optimisation (automating workflows), to the invention of new digital business models (think UBER or Air BnB).” To achieve some of these innovations – big or small – it’s imperative to understand your user’s journey, or in other words: to create a “User Story Map”. This helps identify opportunities to tailor your solution to the user’s needs and prioritise your product backlog which is integrated with the business process.

In this session, you’ll learn how to perform “User Story Mapping” and how this methodology ensures development is driven through a clear understanding of the business objectives (process) and by listening to the voice of the customer (user stories)

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Thursday 10th February 2022: 2pm – 4pm

Hackajob in collaboration with The Home Office presents a session for businesses on how to find the perfect technical candidates and retain them. Looking at how to source and find candidates, what to look for on CV’s and how to get the edge over competitors within the market. Ensure your businesses stands out from the crowd and attracts the best talent.

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Thursday 10th February 2022: 11am – 12:30pm

The Co-op Funeral care website is the online voice of our funeral directors, so its tone must be as clear, kind and reassuring as one of our colleagues. Helen Lawson explains the process and importance of the 4 principles used to guide our content design and communications decisions.

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